Developing Individualized Lifetime Nurse Care Plans for Children and Adults for a Month, a Year, or a Lifetime

More than 20 years experience developing comprehensive, individualized nursing care plans.

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As a professional registered nurse specializing in life care planning, I provide plaintiff & defense attorneys with a complete picture of their clients' medical and living needs due to injury, debilitating disability, or chronic health condition.  The Life Care Plan includes future medical care and associated costs in a well-written, easy to understand format. 

Call me for your challenging medical/legal cases such as: birth injuries, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, chronic pain, burns, multiple trauma and amputation.  As a nurse, I am uniquely qualified to navigate the complex health care system and integrate information from numerous sources into an Individualized Life Care Plan for your client.  

Some injury cases may require a short-term cost projection.  We can discuss your case and help determine what service best fits your needs. 

In addition, I provide critique of opposing Life Care Plans and am available for deposition and trial testimony. 

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